Getting back to work:

I am excited to announce that I will be healing full time once again. Call or text me for more information or to schedule an appointment!


  1. I had my first client after my maternity leave today: he had been working 80 hrs a week the last couple months and experiencing stress headaches the last two days. We did a 90 min session for him. I incorporated reiki, body work and essential oils. I used cypress oil for circulation and movement of stagnant energy and white fir for its anti inflammatory benefits. I diffused a blend of oils for stress. Afterwards he was all smiles as he gave me a hug and told me thank you, I feel so good and that was a really great healing session today <3

  2. I'm very pleased with all the new clients and connections I have made the last two months. I'm hiring a web designer to redo my page. Get ready for a new look and flyers to appear in your local coffee shops starting December 1st. Happy holidays San Diego!!!
    From The Reiki Rainbow

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